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Welcome to DS Turnbull Law, PLLC, a Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota Estate Planning and Administration law firm. Our attorney works with our clients to prepare Wills and Trusts, as well as other Estate Planning documents such as a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives.  Our lawyer also handles Probate and Estate Administration cases in the Metro area.

If you're looking for an investment that pays off 100% of the time, then you're looking in the right place. Every single one of us is going to pass away at some point, and very few of us know when that is going to be. But if you plan ahead now, when you have the time to think and reflect about what you want, you can save the people you love not only significant amounts of money, but also large amounts of stress, and you will help prevent potential fighting within your family.

We provide individualized service to our clients. From the moment you first call us until our service ends, the focus is on you and your individual needs. Unlike many firms, you are not just a case number to us. Our attorney handles your case from start to finish; if you are looking for a firm where the attorney meets you once and then hands your case off to be worked on by a junior lawyer or paralegal, then you might try a downtown firm with an expensive office. If you are looking for a professional who takes the time to understand what your needs and wants are, and handcrafts documents to accomplish your goals, then you are in the right place.

The term Estate Planning is one that people often don't fully understand. They usually think of wealthy people setting up Trusts to minimize taxes and make sure Junior doesn't go through his inheritance too quickly. While Estate Planning does cover those cases, it really applies to everybody and how they are planning to deal with issues that will for sure arise in their lifetimes. In fact, not doing anything is really an estate plan, it is letting the government make critical decisions for you. If you're like most people and aren't comfortable with the government choosing who gets what you own, who will handle your estate, or who will take care of your kids, or other important decisions that will inevitably come up, then take the time today to protect the people you love.

For most of our clients, the decisions that we are making today by doing Estate Planning address the following questions:

1) If you lose your mental capacity and are unable to manage your financial affairs, who is going to pay your bills, manage investments, and look after your bank accounts and home?

2) If you are unable to make critical medical decisions for yourself, who is going to make them for you, and what would you like them to do?

3) When you pass away, who is going to wrap up your affairs and distribute your property, and who is going to inherit it?

4) Who is going to take care of your minor children?

5) What can we do to minimize any fighting and hard feelings that surprisingly often arise when a family member passes away?

A court will make the first four of these decisions for you if you do not plan ahead. To most people these are far too important to let a stranger decide for them. And while there is certainly some cost to doing Estate Planning and making a Will or Trust and other Estate Planning documents while you are alive, it is important to remember that it will always cost your loved ones more money than you save by doing nothing. Very often a lot more money. Even a very small estate with little property to transfer will save money if a simple Will has been made.

Getting that Will or Trust done is the easiest thing in the world to put off doing. Nobody likes to think about dying, and frankly very few people think that they are going to die tomorrow. And the subject can be confusing and complicated. But it is important to get it done now, while you are thinking about it. Considering the stress and pain that can be avoided, and the amount of money that can be saved, it is too important to put off addressing while you are able to fully think it through.

Along with Estate Planning, DS Turnbull Law, PLLC works with clients who have lost a loved one and are confronted with the task of going through a Probate process. This is the court procedure where property that is left through a Will is transferred to the people who are to inherit the property. This can be a confusing and challenging process, so it is important to work with a lawyer that is knowledgable about it.

Our firm also helps our clients get Conservators and Guardians appointed to protect an incapacitated person. When a person becomes incapacitated and can't take care of their personal decisions or their financial decisions, the people taking care of them will rely on their Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive. If these documents have not been prepared and signed before incapacity, then a court procedure will be necessary. Either a Guardianship or a Conservatorship, or often both, needs to be in place before the incapacitated person and their financial affairs can be taken care of.

Since you are looking at this page, you have taken the first step: you are thinking about the future and how to proect the people you love. The next step is easy: pick up the phone and call today. Putting off this important planning helps nobody, and can cost the ones you love dearly.

DS Turnbull Law, PLLC only works in estate planning, probate and guardianship and conservatorship.  If you live in the Metro area and would like a free consultation in your home, please call or email us today.

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